A puzzle game where you type to move
2018-08-14 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / game, fav

Writespace is a puzzle game with simple mechanics, but interesting implications. It was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42, together with Kiki and larkinia, and Lena and rohieb jumped in last-minute to help with the graphics!

As for the story: You’re exploring a haunted house and find a strange parchment scroll. When you touch it, something terrible happens: You’re turned into a typewriter! Use your surroundings and find the magic words to lift the curse! Oh, and you can’t type spaces, of course.

You can download the game from the Ludum Dare website.

Title screen

In-game screens


Last time, our level format was SVG – now we just used text files. Personally, I had the most fun exploring the implications of our own rules. There were quite a few “aha moments”, and we tried to put those into the game for the players to experience, as well.


This game got quite a bit of coverage. There were some short articles written about our game. Both contain recordings (without commentary):

Randomise User recorded a short playthrough:

And EliteKessu also did a full playthrough with hilarious meta commentary through the game’s user interface:


This is an aesthetic bomb. I absolutely love the visuals you chose, and the theme is implemented beautifully. Extra points for the sound design, the gentle typewriter clicks and dings did it for me! –Shess

Brilliant game. I spent the last 40 minutes playing this game and enjoying myself with puzzles and the beautiful aesthetics. Love the seemly simple mechanics can actually generate4 so many interesting puzzle especially the later ones involving finding out clever ways of getting around tight spaces and dead ends. –jackyjjc

Wow, this game blew my mind, supernice, this is incredible 5/5 –oskarOlausson


Writespace won second place, out of over 2000 jam entries!


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