Voctocat logo

A new logo for media.ccc.de
2017-03-01 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / art, logo, fav, popular


A logo for media.ccc.de, the video/audio archive of the Chaos Computer Club and for the CCC Video Operation Center (C3VOC).

It depicts a lucky cat, which has been the mascot of the C3VOC for quite a while: They place lucky cats in the scenes to be recorded for testing pur(r)poses, to make sure the video stream did not accidentally freeze.

The visual style is inspired by GitHub’s Octocat mark, and the name Voctocat is a word play on that and on the abbreviation “VOC”. Thanks to Pecca for suggesting a tail shape! :)

Here’s an optimized version, suitable for immediate reuse and repursposing:


If you’re interested in the logo’s development process, you can find some relevant information in the replies to this tweet:

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