Stratum 0 logo

A logo for Hackerspace Braunschweig
2011-06-16 (last update: 2012-01-08) / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / art, logo

This is by far my most popular and widely-used logo up to this point. When Stratum 0, a Hackerspace in Braunschweig was founded, we started a logo contest, which generated a large body of rather nice logos! But one of my suggestions won:

Stratum 0 logo

It has been described as “runic”, and works quite well in low resolutions. The signet incorporates both the S and the 0 of Stratum 0, and the hour glass connects it to the theme of time, because the name originates from the Network Time Protocol (there’s an atomic clock in Braunschweig). The font used in the text variant is Yanone Kaffeesatz.

I gave the logo a very permissive license, inspired by the license of Tux, the logo of the Linux kernel:

The copyright owner, blinry, allows free use for everything and everyone. The only condition is that you acknowledge him if someone asks.

And I’m very glad I did! These days, it’s used on clothing, in countless print products, on signs, stickers, and presentation slides, it appeared in a comic, has been 3D-printed, sawn out of wood, 3D-modelled, quadtree’d, ended up in another logo for the CTF team Stratum Auhuur… and is used by the band Downshifter (yes, they asked, and yes, the license was meant to be that permissive).

Here are some older variations:

Hour glass variations

Back then, I had a number of other ideas, as well. If you want to use those for your own hackerspace or whatever – they are still free, just get in touch! :)

It's hacking time!

Out of sync

Time transmission

Key and hour glass

Stratum hole

And finally, here are two logos from before the final name for the hackerspace was even chosen! :) I still like the “Layer 8” one very much!

Base 38 and Layer 8


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