Pong 1D

A Flatlander's perspective
2011-09-26 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / game

Inspired by the movie Flatland, I wrote this one-dimensional game. For those who don’t know this movie (go watch it, seriously!), let me briefly explain the concept: Pong, as you know it, is a two-dimensional game: Everything happens in a flat plane. Now imagine you were one of the paddles - you’d see your surroundings as a line, one-dimensional. The rest is just normal Pong.

You can move around with your arrow keys. First to get 11 points wins.

Computer 0:0 You

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Inner workings

The rendering is realized by a 2D raytracer: For every pixel of the viewport, a ray is being shot. The color and the angle of the object this ray first hits is used for calculation of the pixel’s color.


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