Pengutronix intro

2020-09-14 / blinry / art, video, commission

The company Pengutronix does embedded Linux consulting & support, and which employs a number of my friends! They’ve been a lovely client of mine, and comissioned a number of logo designs over the years – and in 2020, they asked me to create a video intro for their talk recordings!

Version 0.1.0

Pengutronix’ logo is a cute penguin, so that it seemed like an obvious choice to put it front and center! I put together a small 3D scene, and rendered it with Blender:

Version 0.2.0

In the next version, I added snow and an audio jingle, incorporating dial-up modem sounds. :D

Version 0.2.1

… which turned out way too Christmas-y, so I removed the snow again, and changed the instrumentation.

Version 0.3.0

Here, I swapped out the jingle to something more soothing, changed the camera movement to go through two phases, and added a fish friend! 🐟

Version 1.0.0

A bit of polishing, and a few hours of render time later, this was the final intro video!

I really enjoyed the whole process, and being able to create this using open-source software is a great feeling. If anyone else wants an intro video like this, I’m open for commissions! :)


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