Patreon avatars

2017-11-07 (last update: 2020-10-15) / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / art

Sometimes, people have so much unconditional trust in me that they throw money at me at a regular basis. That’s awesome, and I’m always very humbled and thankful when that happens. I have this thing where, if you seriously want to give me $25 or more per month, I’ll set up a Twitter bot that talks like you, and I’ll draw you a custom profile image for your social media accounts. Here are the ones I’ve done so far:


Moritz’ wish was an avatar in a hand-drawn cartoon style. I drew this one in Krita, from a photo reference:


Marudor asked for a panda in a vector graphics style. There are also two alternate versions: For his protected account, and for the bot, @markovdor.


Christina liked my pixel art poster of the CCH, so I made her a simple pixel art avatar from a photo reference. Theres also a robotic version for @botchris451.

Thomas described the honey badger as his “spirit animal” – judging from a few popular YouTube videos, it seems to be super fearless! For this one, I aimed for a cartoon look. I always make sure that my avatars look good when they are placed inside circles, like Twitter does these days:


You can bribe me! :D


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