Operation Mindfuck Vol. 3

2019-12-29 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / talk, german

At the 36th Chaos Communication Congress, Bine and I did a third “Operation Mindfuck” talk about art, computers and curiosities! You can find the previous editions here and here.

In this edition, we talked about strange chess variants, artsy Twitter bots, ray marching, daily drawings, mathematical paradoxes, leaf venation simulation, illegal prime numbers, and fun in latent space! Enjoy!


We gave the talk in German, but some kind friends did an awesome job live translating it into English! \o/ In the media.ccc.de player, you can switch languages using the cog icon:

Alternatively, the recordings are also on YouTube in German:

and English:


Here are the slides we used: (Open them in fullscreen)


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