Ihro Mayastät Podcast Intro

2020-04-10 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / music

When I want to learn something new, an approach that works really well for me is to take on small, real-world projects, and learn everything I need while realizing that project.

In this case, I wanted to practice making music, so I asked around whether someone needed intro music for a podcast or something like that:

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And to my delight, I got several nice requests! For example, Ihro and Maya just started producing a German podcast about BDSM and polyamory. The name they picked (“Ihro Mayastät”) is a play on words on a phrase used to address people of high royal position.

Intro music

The intro music reflect this by using a baroque instrumentation, and announces the podcasters with fanfares and a orchestral buildup. I also like how the lead instruments – a trumpet and a cello playing pizzicato – seem to have a conversation, much like Ihro and Maya in the podcast! :)

Emotionally, I wanted to evoke a strong, proud, and optimistic mood.

Outro music

There’s also an outro version, which is softer, has a reduced instrumentation, and is less dramatic and epic. It also flows downwards, musically, to give listeners some nice closure at the end of the episode.

I used the open-source DAW Ardour to produce these, as well as the Creative Commons-licensed orchestral sample library Virtual Playing Orchestra.

The podcast

Make sure to check out “Ihro Mayastät” here:


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