Freies Labor logo

2018-03-11 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / art, logo

A hackerspace in a neighboring city, the Freies Labor in Hildesheim, contacted me and asked if I could design them a new logo.

Well, absolutely! :) After brainstorming with some of the hackerspace’s members, we ended up with an idea involving Lissajous curves, a family of curves created by sending two sine waves on the x- and y-axis of an oscilloscope. The concrete logo depicts a Lissajous curve with a frequency ratio of 2:3.

Here’s the basic form of the logo, for use on dark and light backgrounds:

Freies Labor logo: dark version

Freies Labor logo: light version


The creator, blinry, allows free use of the logo for everything and everyone, as long as the usage is related to the hackerspace Freies Labor in Hildesheim.


The font is Gidolinya, a modern DIN by Andreas Larsen, dual licensed under the MIT License and the SIL Open Font License 1.1. I added some weight to the individual glyphs.

The logo would also go well with Gidole by the same author.


There is an extra-fancy version for special occasions:

Freies Labor logo: glowing version

A header for the blog:

Freies Labor logo: header version

A square avatar for use in social networks, which snuggly fits inside a circle, and a square version for the wiki:

And finally, there’s a multi-resolution favicon.


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