Fix My Avatar

Squaring the circle
2017-09-28 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / software, bot

In June 2017, Twitter decided to change the format of its users’ avatars from a square to a circle. This led to many avatars which contained text or rectangular logos being cut-off.

Because I’m annoyed by such things, I wrote a Twitter bot which can fix these problems: @fixmyavatar. It analyzes the avatar’s background color, and then scales down the motive until it fits into a circle, plus some small padding.

To use it, just write something nice to the account, like this:

@fixmyaccount Hi, please fix my avatar!

It will reply with a fixed avatar, which you can then save and re-upload to your profile.

To help fixing other accounts, send their names to the bot, like this:

@fixmyaccount Please fix the avatar of @account_name_here

As the Twitter API limits the number of tweets per hour to 100, you might need a little patience! :)


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