A playful approach to version control

bleeptrack & blinry

Git is hard!

Human Resource Machine

A Git learning game!

  • open-source
  • cross-platform
  • extremely interactive
  • builds intuition
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Level Format

                        title = Working together
                        cards = clone checkout commit-auto pull push

                        "A friend has asked you to help with an essay about hobbies!
                        She has already started to write a list, and started
                        tracking it with her own time machine!"

                        "Thanks, these are some really nice hobbies!
                        Hope we can do that together soon!"

Level Format


                        rm -rf .git

                        [setup friend]

                        echo "~ Best hobbies ~" > hobbies.txt
                        git add .
                        git commit -m "Initial version"

Level Format


                        # Add at least two more lines to hobbies.txt
                        test "$(cat hobbies.txt |wc -l)" -ge 6

                        # Commit your result.
                        test "$(git show main:hobbies.txt |wc -l)" -ge 6

                        [win friend]

                        # And use `git push` to send it to your friend!
                        test "$(git show main:hobbies.txt |wc -l)" -ge 6

Next steps

  • More story: time travel + solarpunk?
  • More content: submodules?
  • A lot of polishing!

What can beginners get out of the game?

  • A fun introduction to Git
  • An intuitive understanding
    • Merging/rebasing
    • Staging/unstaging
  • Real-world knowledge

What can advanced users get out of the game?

  • Get to know advanced features
    • Finding bugs with git bisect
    • Patching things with git replace
  • Deep-dive into Git's internals
    • What's inside of .git/?
    • "Distributed graph theory tree model"?

Reach out to us if you want to:

  • Spread the word (educators? mentors?)
  • Test the game (at all experience levels)
  • Build your own levels

@bleeptrack / @blinry