German Sign Language for Anki

2018-09-16 / blinry / license varies by video / software

This is a set of flashcards for the popular open-source spaced repetition software Anki, which will teach you signs of the German Sign Language. It contains over 4000 signs and their meanings!

The basis for these flashcards is SignDict, an open dictionary for sign language, developed by Bodo Tasche. Its video content originates from different sources.

Here is an example card, as it looks like in Anki’s Android app:


You can download the current release from AnkiWeb. Then, in Anki, use File -> Import and select the .apkg file. On Android, you can simply open the file to import it.

Note: Using this Anki deck requires an Internet connection, as the videos are streamed on-demand. Also, the video player does not seem to work on every platform: It is known to work in Anki’s Android app, but not in the Linux desktop version.


If you find a mistake, or have other ideas on how to improve the deck, please don’t hesitate to open a new issue!

This deck is built using the CrowdAnki add-on.


All videos are released under Creative Commons licenses. To see the license of a specific video, use the “Details” button!


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