36C3 opening & closing

2019-12-30 / blinry / CC BY-SA 4.0 / talk

Bine and me on stage, after the closing

After Bine did the design for this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (a large, annual hacker conference taking place in Germany), she was asked whether she also wanted to do the opening and closing sessions! These sessions are intended to give the official part of the Congress a nice frame, and set a positive mood. So, this conversation happened in late November:

Bine: “Hey, you?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Bine: “I was asked whether I wanted to do the opening and closing. I can take a second person on stage, and thought you might be up for that?”

Me: “Oof. That would be pretty scary. But I bet we would make a good team. Let me sleep on that.”

Me: “Hmm, we could do some absurd statistics, like ‘the amount of Club-Mate consumed, in swimming pool equivalents’!”

Bine: “Or try a data poetry performance!”

Me: “Ohhh, yeah! Or highlight the work of those who don’t get a lot of attention. Or give tips against post congress depression?”

Bine: “Or use GPT-2 to do some completions?”

Me: “Or visualize Twitter trends over time?!”

(Next day)

Me: “Alright, it seems that I basically already decided yesterday, huh? We’re gonna rock that stage!”

Here’s what we came up with:


(We talked in German, live translation into English and French available via the cog icon.)

Alternatively, there are recordings on YouTube in German and English.


Same here, the original is in German, English translation available via the cog icon. Be warned that it’s a lot of untranslatable puns, though. Philipp (“the official dubbing voice of bleeptrack and blinry” :P) can frequently be heard sighing: “Ugh. It’s a pun. I’m sorry.”

Special thanks to lastfuture, who provided us with the awesome chaosschau-jingles. You can listen to the raw jingles here: intro, outro (CC BY lastfuture).

And thanks to everyone who contributed a newsticker headline! <3

Alternatively, there’s a recording on YouTube in German.


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